We Graduated!

Hello everyone! I’m proud to announce that the members of Ottercopter Studios LLC have graduated  from the Full Sail University Game Development Bachelors of Computer Science Program. It took many long hours, and a great deal of stress to complete the program, but we couldn’t have done it without the support from our families and friends, so thank you!

So what does this mean for Ottercopter  Studios and Data Thief ? We still plan on launching the game on Steam, and we are still demonstrating Data Thief at Orlando IX in late August. Graduating does however mean that we are now free to take Data Thief in any direction we see fit, as we are now our own bosses. We can prioritize and design levels / mechanics without having to answer to any Full Sail instructors. I truly believe that these amazing new freedoms will allow us to build Data Thief into a fun game that is worthy of the HTC Vive and the Steam platform.

This also means that our blog posts may become even more sporadic, and we may even completely change how/where we post.  We thank you for your patience as we continue to focus on the development of Data Thief.

For more updates on Data Thief be sure to check out our website , as that is where we’ll be uploading more in-game footage, a link to our steam store, and where you can contact us. You can also email me directly at NJCgamemaker@gmail.com and be sure to follow me on twitter: @NJCgamemaker .

Thanks Again!
Nicholas Carlson


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