Caliber Seraphim: Steam and the Spooky Ghost

In the wake of the final month, I’ve been so busy with managing things on the corporate end that I’d almost forgotten to post an update here. Ottercopter Studios, LLC is an official company now, with its own bank account and federal tax ID. As such, we were verified on Steam, which allows us to access their depot build system, so we can run our game through the Steam client for more accurate testing.

As such, we’re beginning to abandon support for the standalone player, which will make one last public appearance in Full Sail’s archives, before being abandoned for depot building. With that, Data Thief now appears on Steam, but currently for developers only. We hope to open up to Beta testers, alongside a store page, soon.


Another implemented feature of the game was the ghost, which wasn’t the most fun thing to implement. It had its share of problems, including not working for 3 weeks, working for a day, and then not working once again. Turns out, there are quite a few cameras within Steam’s camera system, but there’s an important note that they never really mention. The ‘Camera(head)’ and the ‘Camera(eyes)’ switch places when build in a standalone player. Thus, when the ghost went to gather information, it couldn’t find a valid camera, because it was looking for the head rather than the eyes. With that bug ironed out, the ghost is finally a working feature. The inspiration for its design came from Titnalfall 2’s own ghost, from that gauntlet. I didn’t replicate it very well, mostly because the implementation and genre are vastly different (and because I honestly spent more time throwing my controller at a wall than I did looking at the ghost).


Next month comes a lot of hard polish work, level design, and hopefully the launch of our full product on Steam (or at least a demo) by #OrlandoiX17.


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