Nick Carlson Back from Break

Hello everyone! I hope you have been doing well over the past few weeks, despite us all going on vacation over Full Sail’s summer break, we’ve still been hard at work on Data Thief.  Most of our work over break was polishing and fixing the plethora of minor bugs that have plagued the game for a while now.  I wrote a quick shader that appropriately culls the text in the credits scene, so that the letters are no longer visible from the back or sides (more information on how I did that here). I fixed a few other graphics related bugs, and I’ve spent this morning / afternoon aligning the circuits to the walls in level 5.

I’ve also been in communication with several of our artists. Hopefully we will be able to replace most of the primitive objects in the game with fully textured custom made models soon. I’m also happy to announce we are getting a professionally made logo for the game, to use as a desktop icon / a splash screen.

Now that we are finally all able to meet in the studio again, I am looking forward to seeing a finished version of the game. We have many great ideas for puzzles and mechanics, and I plan on recording and implementing a finalized narration. Our game is shaping up to be a fun and creative VR experience, so stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the cool things the other members of Ottercopter Studios have been working on!


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