Nick Carlson: New Level, New Site

Hello Everyone!
This passed week was quite eventful, as we demonstrated Data Thief at the Full Sail Student Game Expo. Not only was this a great opportunity to get feedback from people, but the expo also gave us a chance to have a concept meeting with our new artist.  I’m immensely excited about the designs we came up with, and I’m glad to finally be working with a skilled artist.  Hopefully we’ll have some pretty assets and changes to show you soon.

I also designed and built a new level, which is the fifth level to be added to the game. While we’re happy with all of our work so far, we’ve discovered that we already have too many levels to let people play at an expo. Each player was in the game for at least 20 mins, which really limited the amount of people we got to play our game. We’ve decided that for future expos we will make a “demo build” which limits the player in either time or how many levels they can play, in hopes of solving this issue.

I designed the new level so the player has to solve each of 4 rooms in order, so they have to complete the puzzle in the first room to open the door to the next. There are vent tunnels that run between rooms 1 & 2,  2 & 3, and 3 & 4, allowing a laser from room one to go into room two, and so on.  This is just one of the many puzzle ideas we have, so stay tuned for even bigger, better heists!

On another note. . . OUR SITE WENT LIVE! Check us out at ! Keep in mind that we plan on updating the site closer to the launch of the game. Thanks for reading, tune in next week!


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