Caliber Seraphim: Integration Begins

This week we kicked off with one of our best builds yet, followed by our worst. When testing our Thursday build, we found that a number of systems failed to work, particularly in our level 2. The fixes were simple, but their simplistic nature meant that we spent a lot more time debugging than we should have, as the issue was one of the last things we checked.

Also as of this week, Steam Integration has begun. Because we plan to release on Steam, we’re implementing a list of features that would be expected of Steam games, notably achievements and leaderboards. As of right now, though, the integration doesn’t look all that impressive.unknown

Due to the fact that Steam Direct has not yet launched, we don’t have access to the Steam Partner portal, and thus cannot register information with Steam. Still, though, once access to Partner is available, I’m confident the integration will link up almost perfectly.


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