Nick Carlson: A Level from a Developer’s Prospective

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a wondrous week! I have spent the last week building Data Thief’s Tutorial, specifically the narration and final touches of the level. I wrote, and recorded dialog that will help immerse the player, and teach them the basic mechanics of the game. Despite our usual list of bugs, I was able to create a narration system, that handles when to play and stop clips.

In my system, a parent object (which I named “Nick”) has an audio source, and a queue that holds audio clips. The child objects each have their own trigger colliders  that call functions that either queues audio clips, clears the queue and plays a clip to interrupt, or simply stop all narration. The parent object also has an array of audio clips, so that other scripts may call a function that uses an int index as a parameter to queue clips from that array.  This audio system seems to work well in our game, and I tried to make it as robust as possible, so we can change or add any features we need in the future.  When the player unlocks and goes through each door, the narration queue is cleared, and if an interrupting sound is attached, it will play that, and queue the next bit of narration.

This is a development view of the tutorial level. Each of the green wire frame boxes is a collider that interacts with the narration system.

I had some extra time to move around the main menu scene, and create a few more info panels. I also created and textured a door, as play testers were wondering if the main menu room was built around the player.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for reading, have a great week, and be sure to check back next week!


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