Nick Carlson: Bugs, Blogs, and Blue Screens of Death

Hello Everyone!
This first week  of our third month has been a chaotic roller coaster, as it seemed like every task I attempted had at least 3 setbacks. One example: several different game objects with sound effects became unattached from the master volume mixer that I made a while ago. This made it so our build had random objects with really loud sound effects, while other effects and  the music would be quiet.

Most of my time was spent designing levels, and working on an info panel on the previously unused monitor in the main menu. This screen displays the controls of the game by default, but the player can click the arrows to cycle through other helpful tips. I also set this up so we can simply drag an image into an inspector slot to add it to the array of information panels. I made these images myself in GIMP, with a little art help from my teammates.  There are currently only two panels on the screen, one for controls, and one for color combinations. If you have any suggestions for information to add in the future, let me know!

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The biggest, and most recent set back I’ve had is that I tried to update my laptop to the newest version of Windows 10, and now it randomly gets the blue screen of death (Bsod) at random all the time. Luckily I was able to get all my work onto a flash-drive, and set up my personal gaming machine with Unity, so at least I can work on there for the time being.  I think the drivers of our laptops aren’t compatible with the newest version of windows, as I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling my graphics card drivers several times, but it still blue screens randomly.

I’ve also spent a lot of time writing asset request documents, and communicating with artists. We’ve also recruited a good friend of mine, who is a web developer, to help set up a  promo site for the game, and maybe even a blog. I’m very excited with the direction of Data Thief, and I can’t wait to have an official website, and prettier development blog.
I hope you all have a great week, make sure to read my teammates posts, and  to check back next week!


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