Caliber Seraphim: Week 2

I feel like we got a lot more done this week, but I guess it’s because we nailed down functionality and managed to work more on design (alongside level 2’s development). We managed to down our long-standing issue of rotating objects with the controller with better vector math. The original design only took the two points, without regards to the direction of those points from the objects origin. Now everything rotates smoothly.

Last week I got a new toy, Amplify. I’d mentioned it alongside a little side project I’d been working on. Now it’s become more useful, as I made a new shader to process an effect in our game.


The effect fades the object in as a wireframe-like version of itself, and then ‘dissolves’ into the full object, as though it’s being created from a computer. This effect should have many uses in our project. The USB-looking objects are our level transitions, which slot into the podium in order to process a transition. Coming up this week there should be a smoother transitions between scenes.


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