Nick Carlson: Splitting Lasers

Hello! The second week of our second month has been pretty interesting. We’ve achieved many goals in a short time, but it seems like for every goal we reach, three more appear, along with several bugs new bugs.  I mainly worked on the Splitter piece, which separates an incoming laser into multiple lasers. The interesting part of the Splitter is that it separates the colors of the incoming laser, for example : if a white laser hits the Splitter, it will output three lasers, red, blue, and yellow. If a blue laser hits the Splitter, it will output two blue lasers. One of the biggest obstacles I faced this week was learning the code my teammate Jorge wrote for the laser system. I often found myself making mistakes / creating  small bugs  simply because of  misunderstanding his code. After about an hour of reading his code, and asking  him several questions, it was easy enough to implement the Splitter logic.

Sometimes as a programmer, it feels like I run into every bug and issue imaginable. When testing the Splitter we realized that there was a race condition in the laser system. Because we were doing certain operations in the start functions of most of the laser scripts, lasers were initializing and sending messages in a random order. We fixed this bug by moving most of our initialization code to awake functions, that way we could better control when each game object is initialized and updated. The rest of my time was spent squishing other bugs and building the second level of the game.

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We also purchased some art assets, and we’re in the process of overhauling all of the art in the game:

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Thanks for reading, be sure to stay tuned for more updates!



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