Caliber Seraphim: A Fatal Error has Occurred!

Week one in our second month of development has been… Less than admirable. Not due to the performance of our developers, but because of the performance of our engine. Whether it be our collaboration server going down or the engine locking up when compiling, then crashing, the issues have been numerous. Fortunately, that hasn’t come too much in the way of continuing our development cycle.

I removed some objects from level one that were causing issues, and added colliders where there weren’t any. I also added in regions to prevent the player from teleporting up to walls and sticking their head through them, thus being able to teleport into areas they shouldn’t have access to. I began working the tooltip system over, but passed that off to a teammate in order to focus on radial menus. I think they look good so far!

Oh yeah, I got a new toy. It’s called Amplify.ll

Amplify is a node-based shader editor, that functions much like compositing tools in 3D rendering software. Following a handy little tutorial, I created this lava lamp shader, which I hope to add to the menu at some point as a novelty. I’ll continue to play with Amplify in my spare time.

That’s really it for week one, month two. Until next time!


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