Caliber Seraphim: End of Month 1

Month one of this project has been crazy.

It started out pretty rocky, as I would imagine most projects do when build from the ground up. A lot of our first week was spent finding a working location, and trying to figure out whose idea would go where and why. While we deviated from our original pitch, and spent far too long on some of our decisions, I feel as though we have a solid foundation for what I hope to be a great game.


On the project, I was tasked with a few things, notably our movement system. Getting a solid parabolic prediction was a lengthy process, but it turned out to be beneficial in the end. A smooth door animation, and an efficient rotation system were two other important tasks. I like to think I succeeded on the former, while the latter needs a bit more polishing (read: a LOT more).

As I’ve had limited time to work with VR, the challenges ahead could prove to be tremendous, but I look forward to tackling them in order to deliver a quality product.


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